Our national group, NACWA, is a nationally recognized leader in environmental policy and a sought-after technical resource on water quality and ecosystem protection issues. They parallel the maturation of the nation’s most successful environmental law – the Clean Water Act. NACWA was established in 1970 by a group of individuals representing 22 large municipal sewerage agencies. They came together to secure federal funding for municipal wastewater treatment and discuss emerging national interest in improving the quality of the nation’s waters. Based upon the shared goal of effectively representing the interests and priorities of publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs), they formed what is now known as NACWA.



Michael Brinkmann

Vice President

Walid Samarneh


Michelle Carte


Nerange Gamage


Bill Gase

National Board Liaison

Jody Zabolio

National Board Liaison

Elizabeth Fazio Hale

National Board Liaison

Greg Ramon


TACWA President
Michael Brinkmann

Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Utilities

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